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Herman L. Hoeh (1928-2004) was born December 3, 1928 in Santa Rosa, California. In 1947, Hoeh was one of the first four students to attend Ambassador College in Pasadena, California. He received one of the first two B.A. degrees conferred by the college in 1951. He also received an M.A. degree in 1952, and a Th.D. degree in 1962 from Ambassador College. Herbert W. Armstrong ordained him into the Worldwide Church of God ministry as an evangelist on December 20, 1952, in Pasadena, California. He married Isabell Kunkel in October 1953.

Hoeh, who held various positions in the Worldwide Church of God and Ambassador College, wrote, Compendium of World History, plus numerous articles for publication, including, A True History of the True Church, “Which Old Testament Laws Should We Keep Today?,” and “What You Should Know About Tithing?” For many years he was the Managing Editor of The Plain Truth magazine.

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