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Bedding. Hosts generally provide beds, mattresses, sheets, one pillow and one blanket per person with bedding changed weekly.

Clothesline and Clothespins. Clothespins are a necessity. You might be able to share a clothes line with someone else so you might want to arrange this with a friend in advance.

Towels and Wash Cloths. Wash cloths are not readily available in the Levant. You need to bring your towels and wash cloths with you. We suggest at least two towels.

Laundry Bags. You may want to separate various items. Some of us bring some plastic trash bags and use them as laundry bags.

Liquid Detergent. We recommend at least two medium size bottles of liquid Woolite. Normally there are no washing machines or dryers available to you. You have to hand wash everything. Depending on where you stay, e.g., a hotel or kibbutz, there might be some accommodation for you to use a laundry service. Plan to wash your work clothes every day. You may find it convenient to simply get into the shower fully dressed and rinse your clothes out at that time. Throw them into a plastic bag and wash them later in the afternoon.

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