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Electrical Appliances. As electrical appliances in the Levant use 220 voltage current be sure you bring the right adapters (which allow an American plug to be used in an Israeli or Jordanian electrical outlet) and transformer if you need one. Hair dryers, electrical shavers, and travel irons should be capable of using the 220 current or they will burn out almost immediately.

Plastic Ziplock Bags. You will find a small supply useful. Bring two sizes.

Alarm Clock. We suggest a battery operated alarm clock.

Camera, Film, and Extra Batteries. Not only are batteries expensive in Israel, they may not be available in some sizes. Our suggestion is to bring what you need with you.

Flashlight. A waterproof flashlight is suggested. If you visit Jerusalem your flashlight will become handy should you visit Hezekiah's tunnel.


Small Mirror.

Small Sewing Kit and Scissors. You may need to perform minor clothing repairs.

Small Radio with Earphones. You should be able to receive a number of stations with a variety of musical programs. If you want to listen to your own kind of music bring it with you. Some volunteers bring battery operated CD-players or cassette players.

Small Tape Recorder. For lectures and field trips. This is suggested since some volunteers have found it helpful. Some use their recorders in conjunction with their cameras in order to keep track of their photographs.

Watch. We suggest an inexpensive one as it will take a beating at the excavation.

Snacks. There are many attractive snacks for purchase in Israel and Jordan, but some people prefer to bring some of their favorites with them.

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