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Work Clothing. For work in the field, we suggest a minimum of two (2) changes. Bring things which are sturdy, light in weight and color, and easy to launder.  Since the sun is very intense, you may need to vary sleeve and pant lengths until you get into condition. Remember that loose clothing is more comfortable than close fitting, and that synthetic fibers tend to be hot. Shorts are recommended.

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Suzuki and Audy ready for work at Tel Hazor. A BIBARCH™ Photo.

Your work clothes will get so dirty that you will likely toss them at the end of the program. We suggest three (3) outfits that you rotate. Socks take the worst beating. White socks will turn brown, or worse, by the end of the season. Some students like to wear a bandanna for protection from dust on the tell. You will do considerable kneeling, generally from four to six hours a day in a square, so you might want to consider knee pads.

Work Gloves. These are essential even for those with the toughest hands. The gloves should be sturdy but flexible, and you will probably go through two pairs. Those with leather palms and ventilated backs are ideal. You may consume one pair every two weeks.

Work Shoes. These should be sturdy and comfortable, provided with solid traction soles for protection and footing on rocks. Sneakers are not recommended (at work) and sandals are not suitable at all. You may drop a stone on your foot. You will probably find yourself lifting and moving rock and debris quite often, whether you are a male or female, so you might want to consider steel-toed work shoes.

Sun Hat or Head Covering. You will not be permitted in the field without it!!! You need a cap with a brim.

Sunglasses. We suggest these as a necessity to provide you with some protection from the sun and the dust at the tell.

Small Canteen or Water Container. Excavations provide water in the field, but you might find a small canteen useful, especially on field trips and weekends. For health reasons, this is strongly suggested. Some acquire a one liter bottle of water and then buy a case for it in Israel or Jordan but it is less expensive to bring your water container with you. A container for drinking water is also handy on field trips. We do not want to become dehydrated.

Utility Bag. A utility bag is a handy item to carry small items (sun lotion, glasses, Kleenex, camera and the like) to the site. As it is often dusty you will want a bag that will zip up. You may want to bring some napkins as the paper napkins provided for breakfast at an archaeological site are generally not what Americans expect.

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