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In addition to a valid passport from your own country you need to contact the consulates for the countries you plan to visit for visa information. The process can take months so start early. Do not skip this step unless you plan to be placed into detention and required to leave.

If you are excavating in Israel note that Israel Ministry of Interior regulations require that passports of all volunteers be stamped with a volunteer visa (B4). You should request this visa at your point of entry into Israel.

We have spent many wasted hours at U.S. embassies helping international students renew student visas to return to the United States. If you are an international student realize the impact of your leaving the United States and be prepared to be treated quite poorly at any US embassy in the Levant. You will have to get beyond their insensitive rudeness. Take heart, embassy personnel treat U.S. citizens with just as much insolence.

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