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The fermented juice of grapes containing containing alcohol. During biblical times, as for most of human existence, clean, drinkable, potable water was nearly nonexistent. The primary liquids consumed by humans during this period were beer and wine. The basic beverage consumed by Jews, Judeo-Christians, and Gentile Christians in the Apostolic Age consisted of fermented grape juice presumably tasting quite acidic like vinegar.

Before the invention of pasteurization it was impossible to preserve grape juice in the Levant or anywhere else for that matter. The worker of an ancient vineyard might cool it in a deep well water for a time but the juice of the grape fermented just the same. Cooling only slowed the process. Some Christian denominations foolishly attempt to argue out of the New Testament that Jesus of Nazareth and his followers did not drink wine, that is, fermented grape juice containing ethyl alcohol content up to 16%. 

When any religious organization teaches so contrary to the Scriptures, rejecting archaeological, scientific, cultural, historical and scriptural evidence then one should have serious reservations about the scholarship underlying their other doctrinal positions as well. See Vallee 1998.

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